Content Strategy

Content for a website is by far the single most important thing a website can have.  Sure a website can look great with its fancy graphics and beautiful navigation, but if the information is poorly written, does not have any useful information for the user, or is pretty much non-existent, the user will not hesitate to leave.

As web designers we need to be sure we are creating pages that our clients will be pleased with and that will keep users on the site, and create reasons for them to return.  Good content that is relative to your site is also good for SEO and helps create a guideline for the meta data.

I feel that content strategy is very important and should be taught to students a lot earlier than it is.  If we learn from the beginning how important content truly is for a site, we can start to grow and develop our creation of content that can help a site in it’s SEO abilities and so forth.  I believe that if we focus on content first, and decide what information is truly important, we can then develop a site around it.   But also be aware that content needs room to grow and develop as the site stays live.  Keeping these things in mind, I feel, will affect how individuals create and design their websites for their clients.





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October 18th, 2011 at 3:39 am

When creating content for a page, do you have a set guideline for how long or short the content must be? I feel that the more simple you make the information, it could definitely create smaller bits of information that may make the page look empty?

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Posted October 18, 2011 at 3:45 am | Permalink
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I really liked your #6 point, of the equation to think of when creating content. “Social media = I hear you + I’m listening to you + I understand” For social media marketing, is there a limit to how many times you should tweet, or update a status, or anything to that nature? Is there a line that is either too much activity or not enough? The last thing I would like to do is to upset clients and irritate them to the point of ignoring any social media.
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Oct 18, 2011 @ 04:49:41

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I really do enjoy the break down process you have created for content strategy they most definitely open up questions that you usually don’t think of when starting to create content. What do you think is the difference between creating content for a website vs. for social media? And how often do you feel the content should be updated or changed for users?


3 thoughts on “Content Strategy

  1. good post. I like how you suggest that it needs to be taught to us students earlier than it is. We need to get in a habit of planning it before we do anything else.

  2. You said that if we develop knowledge about content at the beginning, we can help it grow to where it will help SEO strategies as well. I remember reading about this, but I didn’t go into detail in my post. Now I wish I did! SEO is definitely something I need to look into more, and content strategy is the perfect place to start.

  3. I can’t agree with you more – this idea and strategy should have been introduced to us day one. Great post and comments to other blogs – get any responses?

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