I am sure a lot of people wonder what is the point of a framework? How can you benefit so much from such a simple concept? After reading a few articles on the idea of frameworks, it seems like such a great way to organize things. It makes me wonder how people really work, in mass websites, without them.
First things first, what IS a framework?
To my understanding, a framework is just a way of storing sets of CSS files, which each accomplish one particular thing, to help the designer. For instance, one CSS file to reset the website, another CSS file for typography, and of course one for the layout of a site. Breaking up the site into portions to help making a designing of a page that much quicker and more efficient.
Sven Lennartz said a few of the negatives of this technique is having access code that you don’t need for every site. If you are making one basic CSS sheet for each topic (reset, typography, and layout) you may have extra code. One thing I would recommend is to use them to make things quicker, but not to “set it and forget it” with coding. To of course, over look the code and make sure you don’t have to remove anything you don’t need.
Another negative that Sven Lennartz listed was that it may take away uniqueness and creativity from a site. While that argument may hold water, I feel that it could actually allow someone to be more creative. I think that it may allow a designer to be more creative is because when you have a certain set of pre-made layout sheets, you know what is possible. You can take a pre-made layout, and tweak it to accomplish what you want. It will allow the designer more time to play with the design, than if they had to build it from scratch.
I think that frameworks are a great idea. Although, I feel that at this time in my learning, I would like to code everything until I know it like the back of my hand before I save off CSS sheets. I would worry that saving CSS sheets and just referencing them, as opposed to re-coding them for each site for the sake of practice, would make me forget the coding and not be as familiar with it.


5 thoughts on “Frameworks

  1. I agree with you. If we have some pre-made layouts, we could spend more time on the design and less time worrying about the code.. Plus if a customer comes to us and needs a website fast. We could do it for them. We could put a simple website together in no time.

  2. I disagree a little with Sven Lennartz. Although I see where he is coming from with the extra code, but I think that it would still be faster to delete a little extra code at the start then to have to write it all by scratch. I have used a simple form of these for a while now and it saves a lot of time.

  3. I agree that frameworks make it easier to be creative. I find that when I’m putting a site together I get lost in all the CSS when it is on one page. Granted, I didn’t start using frameworks until this class, I now see their benefits and I am saving some time!

  4. Frameworks in general seem like a lot of work. However, when it boils down to it, this will help us a lot. Your right about the tweaking part of the CSS, defiantly a time saver!

  5. I like the concept of organization, but I don’t like the concept of multiple style sheets, I think if we could organize our style sheets into one style sheet that would be more proficient. For example we simply give our style.css certain (headers) when covering different area of code ie: reset, type, and whatnot. But the bigwigs no best, and I’m nobody, well actually I am pretty great now that I think about it.

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