Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is when a web designer, in a way, designs for every browser or viewing device out there. Some of the suggestions given to make a working site, that is friendly for every device out there, is to not give specific sizes in divs, but to give percentages. This is a way to make sure whether the screen is small, or large, that it will have the right appearance. There is also suggestions of making a more flexible layout, so that the pieces will flow together when the screen sign changes.
There are also ways to specify if a browser is small, use the smaller image version, but if it is a larger browser or device, then to use the larger image.
A lot of people take for granted the ability to browse on any device, that clients forget, or may not be aware, of the complications one can have when designing for all the viewers.
Designing for all the possible browsers is an important part as a web designer, but I am not looking forward to it.


5 thoughts on “Responsive Web Design

  1. This concept looks amazing. The percents looks like a cool way to easily scale images, text, and actual navigation bars. Designing for all the different platforms is gonna be rough, but this looks like it will help a bunch.

  2. You summed up Responsive Web Design pretty well! Percentages seem to be a big part of this, and considering we’ve worked with pixels up until now, it’ll be a weird change. I always complain about non-mobile sites, so this way it’ll be more common, but I agree with you – I’m notlooking forward to designing it either.

  3. Very straight forward. A quick little summery for a very easy, but new, concepts. I like how you reminded us that sometimes, the client either forgets, or is unaware, of the possibility of different browsers. As web designers we have to remind ourselves of these little details, and be aware of the possibilities. Good blog!

  4. I felt that as a summary this was very well put out but you could have gone a bit more deeper into the subject, I really felt your enthusiasum jump out at me! ha ha

  5. Very few people know how much work goes into making a website that looks good in all devices. Luckily though, with Responsive Web Design it is easier than I thought it would be a few years ago. Can you imagine needing to make one website for each browser, then making a website for the iphone, ipad and other handheld devices.

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