History of Flash

Flash was created by Jonathan Gay and is currently one of the most popular media players for web browsers today. There are “rumors” that flash is going to be dead because iPad and iPods do not run flash on its web viewer. However, it is only a rumor and it is still a very important program that can give a great online experience.
Jonathan Gay started to program when he was in high school, starting with fun games which soon developed into creating programs. His first program was a graphic program called SuperPaint. Fast forward a few years, and he created a more advanced graphics program called IntelliDraw, which was to be the competitor of Adobe Illustrator and Aldus Freehand. The advantage that IntelliDraw had over Illustrator or Aldus Freehand was that it allowed you to add in behaviors for the graphics.

The next program he created, which was called SmartSketch, which when using animation and java to create animations for the web. The program individually was not getting enough use or attention, in which he the idea to sell the program rights to Adobe. Flash became a part of Adobe in 1996. In which it evolved in 1996 to be called Macromedia Flash.



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