Francisco Inchauste
Get Finch
His blog is very simple and clean, but still creates a fun vibe. In his blog he discusses design problems and advice, in particular I really enjoyed his post about the “Stop being a Rabo Designer”.
I also do really enjoy his legend on the side, which explains the color of the titles of his blogs. For example those with the red background are “Hott off the cooker to enjoy.” This shows his personality on the blog but not too much personality comes though which is nice. 🙂

Shaun Inman
Compilation Blog
His page makes me laugh as the images are pixelated ON PURPOSE. He has links for his pages all on one main page. I do enjoy the layout of his page, however his music I don’t particularly care for. Although you are able to find the stop button, which usually is a problem in most web pages.

Paulo Canabarro
Abduzeedo Blog

I do enjoy this blog because he picks designs and textures from various sources, such as items outside, western films and so on. I think this is great to use as a guide to help train your own eye that there is design and influences everywhere around you, you just have to know where to look. He also provides tutorials, inspirations and wall papers. This will most definitely be visiting this blog often!


3 thoughts on “Designers

  1. I loved Shaun Inman’s blog too! The old-school pixelation reminded me of Mario and it was totally entertaining. One that I didn’t see was your first choice, Francisco Inchauste. The first thing I did when I opened his page and started scrolling down was laugh. And as I mentioned in my blog, the first impression is very important. “Finch” made a good one too.

  2. Nice post. I liked your links too. Good information. Also good references for the future. I like how you are very honest on what you like on the sites and what you don’t like. i think it is important to see what other designers have to say about different things.

  3. Abduzeedo is one of my favorite also! I love his tutorials and inspirations that he posts not only of his but of many other designers! I will also be a frequent visitor to his page. Tutorials are a great way to improve design skills on your own.

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