As we all know with the introduction to web 2.0 came a lot of great and useful tools. One of these tools is e-portfolios. An e-portfolio is an electronic portfolio used for reasons such as learning, self marketing, and assessment/accountability. An e-portfolio can link individuals to one another, as well as be used for resume purposes.
For learning purposes, an individual can use e-portfolios to document their progress on a particular project. Using it to share images, their reflections, and thought processes.
This is a great tool especially for students. As a student you are still learning about your developmental process and how you learn and express yourself. Documenting it will help the student learn more about themselves more quickly and be able to understand why they went a particular direction.
Using an e-portfolio for resume purposes can be VERY helpful. Placing your address to your resume can help businesses understand your capabilities and variety of work.
I think e-portfolios are a great thing to have. I would love to be able to show someone my work rather than tell them I created a webpage. I would feel much more confident in applying to places when they know what I am truly capable of. I know that some people could have had the same positions as me but may not have the same strengths as I do, and having an e-portfolio would allow my abilities to shine through.
An e-portfolio would even allow others to see my work without me applying to their company. They could look at my work, like it, and offer me a job.
When I start designing web pages and other sorts of media, I will most definitely have an e-portfolio. I don’t see any strong negatives to having one.

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One thought on “E-Portfolio

  1. I completely agree with you that there really is no negative side to this. I like how you incorporated web2.0 in your writing. I personally hope we talk about this in class. The fact that you added the developing skills of a student raises an eyebrow. It’s true. This would be a great tool for us.

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