Designing a site for a mobile device.

If it wasn’t frustrating enough for designers to be conscious of all the different types of web browsers and being conscious of formatting a page that would work on them, they now have to worry about cell phones, Ipads, Itouches, and other mobile devices wanting to see the page.

One site suggested using a code in your CSS. The code you can put is a code for a handheld device. When an item that considers itself a hand held device accesses the webpage, it automatically removes anything under the #nav section. (that is for the navigation bar for a webpage.) Unfortunately, this would not work on an Iphone. The reason for this is because Apple did not want their products displaying simplified versions of pages, when they had the capability to show a page as it was meant to be seen. The solution to this can still be done in the CSS coding section. You just need to set the display for an item with a resolution smaller than a particular resolution.
Another site I came across also refers to using CSS as well as javascript in setting the parameters for a mobile phone. They also suggested to be conscious of how large your columns are and to avoid using frames.
You can also set in a code that detects an Iphone. As i stated before, an Iphone will display a site differently than any other mobile phone, which is why there is coding out there specifically for that device.

I have wondered what happens when a phone accesses a webpage and when my computer accesses it. I did notice some differences in layouts and wondered how that happened. I do think it is fascinating and amazing how some simple coding can do something so drastic.

As I researched this topic I wondered to myself how I would make sure my site would look good on an iphone when I don’t own one. And of course, the answer is as simple as using a certain web browser device on your computer.

I am constantly amazed at how simple it all ends up being. Of course the coding is the difficult part of anything, but aside from that, accomplishing these things are truly simple. They are especially simple if you take the time to research what you want to do and learn the ins and outs of it.

Learning all of these tricks and the coding will be frustrating in the beginning I am sure, but it will most defiantly be worth it. When a business wants a web page created for their company, they do not want to be restricted on the types of viewers they receive. They, of course, want to be seen by anyone and everyone, regardless of the device they are using.

I am looking forward to the days when I am an employed web developer, and a new device comes out that needs particular settings in order to view web pages. To be able to see the process of figuring out how to make everything work will be a great thrill for me.

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2 thoughts on “Designing a site for a mobile device.

  1. I actually like how you incorporated web design into Mobile Web. Thinking out of the box really helped you in this blogging. The fact that you showed how web designing extends more than just at internet sites, but also to mobile devises gives us a look at how much work really is established in this occupation.

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