I have never been interested enough in podcasts to fully understand what it was. I saw some on the itunes store but never felt compelled in purchasing one. I never fully understood what the big interest was in it. I was under the impression that a podcast was a downloadable radio station. A way for those who can’t get on the air, to still have a way to share their thoughts and views.
My guess was correct, in that in a way it is a downloadable radio show. Individuals subscribe to the RSS feed of the podcast (much like people do with webpages when they want to find out whats new without loading the page every day) and their computer will download the update for the subscriber to listen to. It is a very simple process that is extremely popular.
My biggest question, while reading up on this topic, is what is the point? Why podcast? This video gives a great simple explanation of why someone should podcast.  Podcasting gives you the ability to be more creative than other forms of expression, such as writing or drawing.  It gives you the ability to verbally or even visually by video, explain things.
Having a podcast is cheaper (in most cases, free) than having a radio show.  Having an on air, AM of FM radio show, costs a lot of money and time that some people may not have.  Podcasting allows you to explore this type of media with no cost to you.
The exciting thing I think about podcasting is the way to show excitement and life into what you are talking about.  In a basic example, if you read a joke online, it is nearly not as funny and does not have the life it has when it comes out of a stand up comedian.  The information is completely the same, however it is the passion and emotion that comes from the individual that makes you enjoy the joke that much more.
I am interested in looking up podcasts for information I may find a bit dull or even confusing to read myself.  Maybe finding someone who is passionate about it, can rub off their passion to me.   I am very much a visual or auditory learner.  Being able to listen to lectures or blogs from the comfort of my own home is something that I am very interested in.  I don’t think podcasts get as much attention as they should, but I guess that is how everything was with blogging in the beginning as well.  I am excited to see how things go in that area.

Apple: Podcasting
Why Podcast?
Podcasting video


2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. I didn’t think of a podcast as a downloadable radio show. That is a good way of putting it. As web design students we could use podcast to learn more about web design. We just need to subscribe to a podcaster that frequently talks about web design.

  2. Yeah podcasts are like talk radio shows I guess. Depending on which ones you listen to. Its more accessible to more people though since you can download it and then listen to it any time, while radio is a specific time and there is no recording it.

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