Designing a site for a mobile device.

If it wasn’t frustrating enough for designers to be conscious of all the different types of web browsers and being conscious of formatting a page that would work on them, they now have to worry about cell phones, Ipads, Itouches, and other mobile devices wanting to see the page.

One site suggested using a code in your CSS. The code you can put is a code for a handheld device. When an item that considers itself a hand held device accesses the webpage, it automatically removes anything under the #nav section. (that is for the navigation bar for a webpage.) Unfortunately, this would not work on an Iphone. The reason for this is because Apple did not want their products displaying simplified versions of pages, when they had the capability to show a page as it was meant to be seen. The solution to this can still be done in the CSS coding section. You just need to set the display for an item with a resolution smaller than a particular resolution.
Another site I came across also refers to using CSS as well as javascript in setting the parameters for a mobile phone. They also suggested to be conscious of how large your columns are and to avoid using frames.
You can also set in a code that detects an Iphone. As i stated before, an Iphone will display a site differently than any other mobile phone, which is why there is coding out there specifically for that device.

I have wondered what happens when a phone accesses a webpage and when my computer accesses it. I did notice some differences in layouts and wondered how that happened. I do think it is fascinating and amazing how some simple coding can do something so drastic.

As I researched this topic I wondered to myself how I would make sure my site would look good on an iphone when I don’t own one. And of course, the answer is as simple as using a certain web browser device on your computer.

I am constantly amazed at how simple it all ends up being. Of course the coding is the difficult part of anything, but aside from that, accomplishing these things are truly simple. They are especially simple if you take the time to research what you want to do and learn the ins and outs of it.

Learning all of these tricks and the coding will be frustrating in the beginning I am sure, but it will most defiantly be worth it. When a business wants a web page created for their company, they do not want to be restricted on the types of viewers they receive. They, of course, want to be seen by anyone and everyone, regardless of the device they are using.

I am looking forward to the days when I am an employed web developer, and a new device comes out that needs particular settings in order to view web pages. To be able to see the process of figuring out how to make everything work will be a great thrill for me.

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Twitter a good stepping stone for a business?

I severely apologize for my late post.  My life has become rather chaotic, and lately I have gotten the feeling that if my head was not attached to my body, I would indeed lose it.  Rather quickly too. At any rate, I have found the time to submit my post about Twitter.

I must admit, Twitter seemed to be a useless tool, that just influenced the same idea as facebooks news feeds.  When it came out, I did not sign up for it because I did not need another medium to use to let everyone know what I was doing every minute of the day.  I am now stuffing my foot in my mouth for the fact that it seems to be a very beneficial tool, especially in the business area.

One of the first sites I looked up, I asked the question of how on earth could Twitter benefit a business.  I need to work on my open-ness because it was hard for me to realize how a blog could help an industry, but now I am all for it.  Twitter is a tool that can help communicate, in a quick manner, important information.  Chris Brogan gave a different perspective on how to use and think of Twitter.  He suggests rather than answering “what are you doing?” to think about the question “what has your attention?” (Brogan, Chris) He also suggests taking Twitter in stride.  To not just put something out there just to be an active twitter-er (if thats a word).  You need to really put thought into what you are posting.  You are limited to the amount of words you can use, be sure to use them wisely.  Another suggestion was to do what you want to use twitter for, and to not feel forced (by negative comments or by what others seem to be doing) to do it a certain way.

I found an interesting link that researched what people are talking about on Twitter.  Among the most frequent are a users current status (I.E. I am eating a tub of ice cream haha) and users having private conversations.   Among the next few popular ones though are links to blog and news articles, politics and current events.  Twitter is a great tool to put out your thoughts and getting input by others.  For instance, I could Tweet my opinion on why a certain law is downright atrocious, and I could receive feedback on why others feel the same way or have different view points.  One thing I do find a little comforting about Twitter, is that users will post information and thoughts in a non-threatening sense.  I don’t have to worry about being put in an uncomfortable position based on my thoughts.  I can read others thoughts and take them as I want.

It is also a great way to expand out of your own bubble.  Using Twitter to get others opinions could really broaden someone’s view.  They no longer have to rely and their Democratic friends and relatives, the could get a post from a Republican and giving them a great way to look at a situation that they never originally thought of.

An amazing link I found was if Twitter was helpful for grieving.  This blogger stated that they had a death in the family and had a hard time handling the situation.  As a way to let it out, they Tweeted their difficulty in handling the situation.  A few hours later, when they returned to their Twitter, they received multiple responses from twitter users offering support and well wishes.  Aside from the information sharing, and helpful twitter has in business, it can also provide an emotional outlet and support for users.

Twitter is most defiantly a tool that can be very beneficial if users take advantage of what they have avaliable to them.  I plan on tweeting about something political to see what types of responses I receive.  I am very curious on what I receive.  Although I am very excited for it as well.  Sometimes you do need that third party opinion to set you straight.

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I have never been interested enough in podcasts to fully understand what it was. I saw some on the itunes store but never felt compelled in purchasing one. I never fully understood what the big interest was in it. I was under the impression that a podcast was a downloadable radio station. A way for those who can’t get on the air, to still have a way to share their thoughts and views.
My guess was correct, in that in a way it is a downloadable radio show. Individuals subscribe to the RSS feed of the podcast (much like people do with webpages when they want to find out whats new without loading the page every day) and their computer will download the update for the subscriber to listen to. It is a very simple process that is extremely popular.
My biggest question, while reading up on this topic, is what is the point? Why podcast? This video gives a great simple explanation of why someone should podcast.  Podcasting gives you the ability to be more creative than other forms of expression, such as writing or drawing.  It gives you the ability to verbally or even visually by video, explain things.
Having a podcast is cheaper (in most cases, free) than having a radio show.  Having an on air, AM of FM radio show, costs a lot of money and time that some people may not have.  Podcasting allows you to explore this type of media with no cost to you.
The exciting thing I think about podcasting is the way to show excitement and life into what you are talking about.  In a basic example, if you read a joke online, it is nearly not as funny and does not have the life it has when it comes out of a stand up comedian.  The information is completely the same, however it is the passion and emotion that comes from the individual that makes you enjoy the joke that much more.
I am interested in looking up podcasts for information I may find a bit dull or even confusing to read myself.  Maybe finding someone who is passionate about it, can rub off their passion to me.   I am very much a visual or auditory learner.  Being able to listen to lectures or blogs from the comfort of my own home is something that I am very interested in.  I don’t think podcasts get as much attention as they should, but I guess that is how everything was with blogging in the beginning as well.  I am excited to see how things go in that area.

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Collective intelligence and the new millennium

When a group of individuals sit down to think of ways to solve a problem, they are using what is called collective intelligence.  Collective intelligence is a when groups of people come together to share ideas and experiences.  By sharing their individual thoughts, they can learn from one another and see things in a different perspective.

One possible flaw of collective intelligence is  groupthink.  Groupthink is  a term where there are no individual thoughts, they all see things the same way and don’t question it.  This is something that can become extremely dangerous. An extreme example of groupthink is the nazi movement. But if groupthink is avoided, collective intelligence can prove to be very beneficial to everyone.

Why does collective intelligence even matter?  It is a very important tool that we must take advantage of.  For example, if I were to go and cut down a tree, thought the only way to achieve this was to use my axe, it would take me an extremely long time to achieve this.  But if I were to talk to my neighbors about what I was planning on doing, they may have other ideas such as using a saw or an electrical saw.  This is a very very basic example of collective intelligence, but you get the idea.  Without their input, I am stuck with using only my knowledge, and wouldn’t get very far in achieving things.

With the new millennium, and as new technologies are introduced  our spectrum of collective intelligence is expanded.  We are no longer restricted by our physical locations.  We can now communicate with individuals in Guam, Tahiti, and even people down the street.  Those in high positions can communicate with blue collar workers and so on.  There is no longer any reason to prevent individuals from communicating from one another.

I think that this is such an amazing and fascinating thing to be in the middle of.  I think that large companies and governments should really take advantage of this.  What if BP put a poll on their website, asking for ideas of how to stop the oil spill?  Would farmer joe have the answer to solve the problem?  The amazing thing is that he probably would.  The one thing that people need to realize is it cannot hurt giving or taking suggestions.  You may have the idea that could kick start an amazing chain reaction.

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