Professional Blogging

When blogging was first introduced, I was under the impression that it was just an online journal where people would post their daily events and personal thoughts.  However, I have come to find out that blogging is a great tool for businesses and educated professionals.

To become a professional blogger, one doesn’t have to necessarily be a professional in the field they are discussing.  To be a successful professional blogger, they just need to be well educated on the topic.  The author must also be willing to dedicate the required time in order for their blog to be successful.  Anyone can become a professional blogger, and I think that is what attracts most people to it.  Anyone can be successful in this area if they are willing to dedicate the time and effort that is required.

Once someone has a blog up and running and some entries, the question that begins to develop is: “how do I get more visitors to my page?”.   One simple way to tag and bookmark entries.  By doing this, it allows a user to find a link to the blog by typing in certain key words.  Another simple solution, is for the blogger to comment on other blogs that relate to their topic.  By doing so, users will click on the link and be directed to the new blog that relates to their interest.  The last suggestion I found to improve the amount of visitors is to include a Feedburner on their site.  A feedburner allows users to subscribe to their RSS feed, and allow them to be instantly updated on posts.

The idea of being a professional blogger amused me in the sense that people can make money just by posting about their thoughts.  But as I researched more, I learned that professional blogging was much more detail oriented and took a lot more work than I had originally thought.  I think it would be an interesting thing to test out and experiment with.

The internet never fails to amaze me at the endless possibilities it creates for our world.  The ability to communicate ideas though blogging and communicate with individuals you would never of been able to interact with otherwise is a tool that is very beneficial.  Especially for individuals who have interesting insight and ideas, and need a way to channel them the right audience.

Professional Blogging
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4 thoughts on “Professional Blogging

  1. “Anyone can become a professional blogger… if they are willing to dedicate the time and effort that is required.” I completely agree. You must put time into making your blog look good; to get it noticed. You also must put effort into keeping the topic updated with the latest information.

  2. Very well put, and you are very correct concerning that anyone can do blogging. Also you mentioned making money using blogging, and it is possible to do this. However, it would require a lot of time and effort from someone; making money from blogging almost needs to be looked at as if it were your business. Any business requires a lot of time and effort, and without that the business will not succeed. On that note though I don’t think one has to generate income to be considered a professional blogger.

  3. When I read your article, it was the first time I had seen the term “feedburner” – I love learning new internet lingo. The internet is always suprising me as well with its seemingly endless possibilities for revenue, business marketing and entertainment.

  4. yeah a feedburner would be a great way to attract visitors. or at first anyways but once they subscribe to your feed they won’t necessarily have to visit your page anymore haha. I was under the same impression about people making money off of blogs. I was like “so people will pay bloggers to write about their kittens wtf?” but it really is a tough thing to do.

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