Web 2.0

The Internet is an everyday tool that is used by a majority of today’s population.  It is a tool that helps us connect with friends and family.  It also helps us to connect and branch out to businesses and find job placements, as well as a fun tool to find and play games and read the news.  The Internet has become such a vital tool in today’s world; it is a scary thought to what life would be like without it.  What most people don’t know is that the Internet we all know and love today, is referred to as web 2.0.
Web 2.0 is a term that was coined by Darcy DiNikki.  Prior to Web 2.0, the Internet was very basic. It had web pages that were written by the creators and informers such as businesses.  The web at that time was a one-way information highway, as opposed to a user-friendly atmosphere. The web has slowly developed into a place that has become a playground for programmers and hackers (Graham, Paul).  As they experiment more with code and design, it becomes more user-friendly.  Web 2.0 now allows for the web to be designed not only by the creators and informers, but also the users.
The fascinating thing about Web 2.0 is how much it constantly updates itself.  This version has so many bells and whistles it is difficult to not get excited about it.  A few of these bells and whistles include: RSS, blogging, tagging, social networking sites, and widgets (Tech Soup).
Another exciting aspect of web 2.0 is the coding that has expanded from basic html.  As well as being user-friendly, web 2.0 is all about being useful for the computer (Digital Web).  A styling code called CSS was introduced to help make loading pages faster, which is helpful for the computer, but also makes deigning a page less tedious, which is helpful for the designers.
Researching this topic excited me for a number of reasons.  If this many things can be added to the Internet within a short amount of time, what kind of possibilities are there for the future?  For web 3.0, or even 4.0?   It fascinated me that all the things I am used to having available to me, all the things I am now spoiled with was just created within the past few years.  I do remember when facebook.com was new and the idea of signing up for it worried me, but now, I cannot imagine communicating without it.
Aside from the personal and social aspect of web 2.0, I find the professional ability to be enormous.  Not only can another in their field influence someone over the web, but they can also find jobs, and become more educated on their interests.
Something I continue to get geekishly giddy about is Google.  The reason it tickles me is because no longer does someone need to pull out his or her dictionary to define a word, research through libraries on a topic, or even consult an expert for advice.  They can simply, as the phrase has been used, “google it” and the information is at their fingertips.
The Internet allows me to educate myself, communicate with my friends I left when I moved a 24-hour car ride away, and it also allows me to be creative.  All of these are made possible by web 2.0.


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